Submissions Selected!

Hello everyone!

Thank you all kindly for your patience in waiting for the submissions to be announced. The bad news is, it took a long time. The good news is, we have finished the selection process and are now ready to start editing and formatting!

The following stories were selected for use in the anthology:

Give Him Life by Anjali

The Death of Lucius Tarquitius Dolabella by Katrina van Oostrum

Ophelia’s Song by Maya Wesley

Girl Power by Firn Hyde

The Confession by Firn Hyde

The One and Only Truth by J. Dominique

Cassie’s Hope by Erin F. McPherson

The Traitor by Tessa Longbons

Phoenix by Keziah Cooper

Struggle by Keziah Cooper

Like the Unseen Moon by Cana Hunter

Congratulations to you all!

And thank you so much to every single one of you that submitted stories. We all appreciate your effort, and even if you didn’t make it into the anthology, God sees that you wrote from your heart for Him. And I’m sure that He is proud of you all regardless.

We will be in touch with all the writers to arrange editing shortly.

Grace and peace in Jesus
Firn Hyde